Why I Stopped “Training” and Started “Working Out”

Why I Stopped Training and Started Working Out

I have been more consistent in my workouts then ever since stopping power-lifting last fall. Every time I would start going to the fitness classes the same cycle happened over and over. About three weeks in I would get hurt. I’d get discouraged and stop for about three weeks while I healed up. I’d start again and then repeat that cycle, over and over.

This summer I hired a coach to create a program for me. I did a good job of training up by either taking every fourth week off or a going a little easier that week.

This taught me that with all of my injuries I’ve acquired over the years, I needed time off and I needed to take it a bit slower. However, psychologically I had trouble handling not being able to train the way I wanted. Although I was doing the work, I felt like I was getting nowhere.

Then it happened.

Another injury.

Of course, it was my fault. I came in and started working out, without a warm up. Even though my hips were screaming at me, I didn’t stop. I got under the bar and it felt like my spine blew out my back. I lay there on the floor writhing in pain as Gretchen and Mike tried to tend to me.

I went back to what I always do. I stopped working out for a few weeks until I felt better and then set a date to start training again.

Except something amazing happened.

I didn’t start training.

Ed needed a partner for a rowing WOD and I decided, hesitantly, to join him.

And, I’m so glad I did.

I had an experience that I haven’t had in years that day, I had FUN!

Since then I have been doing the noon WOD three to four times a week. Last week, it dawned on me what had changed.

I wasn’t training anymore, I wasn’t trying to compete where I have no business competing. I was just working out. That thought was freeing. I could scale or mod the workout without feeling judged, not judged by others (I know the LoCoFit Leesburg community wouldn’t judge), but judged by myself, for being weak or unfit.

Instead, I was going through the workout as intended and just enjoying myself and the people around me. I have had so much fun hanging out with John, Jim, Alex, Amber, Natalie, and the unsuspecting beast, MERCY!! (She is really kicking butt!!!)

I had forgotten that this is what fitness is all about, getting a great workout, yes, but even more so enjoying being in community with others.

Thank you all for the kind words and encouragement. I am going to keep scaling and get this body back to health. If you’re in the neighborhood around noon, come and join me. It’s a blast.

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