How to Spring Clean Your Fitness Routine


As you prepare your mental checklist for scrubbing and refreshing your home in time for spring, do not forget to spring clean your fitness routine as well. Tired routines, worn out equipment, and dilapidated gear can all contribute to the workout “blahs” that plague consistent athletes. The following are the essentials you need to know to wipe the dust off your exercise routines and equipment.

Try Something New

Spring is a great time to brush the dust bunnies off your workouts. After months of dedication, you may find yourself leaning more toward lounging in your PJs than getting yourself to a fitness class on time. Going to the same class every week can become boring and hard to maintain. If you usually attend weightlifting classes, try one of our Functional Fitness classes to change things up and keep your workouts interesting. One of the great things about Functional Fitness is it is always varying. As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life!

Give Your Equipment a Good Scrubbing

Floors and baseboards are not the only things that need a thorough cleaning come springtime. Yoga mats, foam blocks, foam rollers, and any other porous surface absorb sweat. While most people perform a cursory wipe down after working out, it is not usually enough to get it thoroughly clean. Another benefit of deep cleaning your gear is it improves the life expectancy of the item. This saves you money in the end, as you will not have to replace gear as often.

Many people feel overwhelmed at the prospect of cleaning their equipment so they ignore it for months at a time. Take advantage of your spring-cleaning kick, and bring your gear’s hygiene levels back to normal. Be sure to use a non-toxic cleaning spray or make your own with soap and warm water. Make sure you let everything dry before putting it away.

Update Your Gear

You throw out pants with ragged hems, shirts with holes, and sandals that rub your feet wrong—you also need to give your running shoes the same attention. Most running shoes show physical signs of wear and tear, such as worn out soles. However, there are other signs that you cannot see that indicate it is time for an update. When you compact the cushion in your running shoes to its max, you can begin experiencing shin splints. Even if the shoes appear ok on the exterior, this painful symptom can be a strong indicator that it is time for new shoes.

Spring is also a good time to update your workout clothes. It may seem silly and like an unnecessary expense to replace workout clothes. After all, you are just going to sweat in them and make them smelly. However, looking good has psychological benefits. When you like your workout clothes, you feel better about yourself. It can also help keep you motivated rather than focusing on feeling self-conscious about your baggy, sweat-stained shirt.

Reward Yourself for a Workout Well Done

This may not seem relevant to spring-cleaning, but how often do you invest in new drapes, new pillows, or other décor pieces to spruce up your home after a deep cleaning? Rewards are powerful motivators. Many individuals have a hard time justifying buying new workout gear or equipment. However, as mentioned above, replacing worn out gear can prevent injuries. It can also give you a boost in motivation. If new dumbbells make you feel like lifting, it is worth the expense.

Set Fitness Goals

After deep cleaning your home, you may decide to set a schedule or goals to keep your home spick and span. This could be as simple as sweep every day or as complex as a daily chore chart. You should do the same for your fitness routine. Without goals, your workouts may suffer or you may fall out of your routine entirely.

Fitness goals do not have to be a number on the scale either. Non-scale victories, such as achieving a new weightlifting personal record (PR) or getting in your steps for the week are just as motivating. In fact, these type of goals are often more realistic and can help avoid the scale let down. Becoming obsessed with the scale can cause demotivation if the number does not budge. Remember, your body may be changing even if the scale does not. Muscle weighs more than fat, and your body may lose inches before your weight changes.

If you are ready to give your workout routine a good scrubbing, LoCoFit Leesburg is here to help. To learn more about our programs, contact us today.

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