Not Seeing Results? Your Calorie Burn May Be to Blame

Not Seeing Results? Your Calorie Burn May Be to Blame

Weight loss can seem difficult, but it comes down to a simple equation of calories consumed minus calories burned. However, if you are keeping track of your calories and exercise, but still not seeing results, you may be crunching the numbers incorrectly. This is because people have a tendency to underestimate how many calories they ate as well as overestimate how many calories they burned. If these numbers are not accurate, you will encounter slow and frustrating weight loss. Below are several factors that can contribute to a less significant calorie burn.

You Believe Exercise Equipment

Many aerobic workout machines display an estimated caloric burn. However, they are often wildly inaccurate. Without entering basic information such as your weight, age, and gender, the machine is producing a number based on nothing. Other elements that affect your caloric burn are your heart rate and form. The best and most accurate way to determine your caloric burn is to invest in a heart rate monitor. There are several online calculators that can estimate your caloric burn as well.

You Recently Lost Weight

Continuing with the discussion above, your weight plays a significant role in your caloric burn. When you lose weight, you need less energy to move your body. While this is an excellent indicator of improved athleticism, it means you need to increase your exercise intensity or decrease your caloric intake to continue seeing results.

You Overestimate Your Exercise Intensity

It can be tempting to indulge in a greasy burger or giant slice of pizza after a difficult workout, but difficult does not always translate to a high calorie burn. Not all exercises yield the same calorie burn. For example, a five-mile run can burn upwards of 500 calories whereas an hour of weight lifting may only burn 200 calories. Cardio based workouts will almost always burn more calories than strength training exercises. If you assume all of your workouts burn a similar number of calories, this may explain your minimal weight loss.

You Are Sedentary Outside the Gym

Working out several times per week is great for weight loss, but sitting around the rest of the day does nothing to help you achieve your fitness goals. Instead of spending eight hours or more per day sitting at work, find ways to squeeze in activity. Some examples include:

  • Invest in an adjustable desk. This will allow you to sit or stand comfortably while working on your computer.
  • Plan outdoor meetings. If you have walking paths or sidewalks around your office, schedule walking meetings.
  • Take a walk. Instead of sitting indoors during your lunch break, go for a walk outside before or after you finish your meal.

You can also incorporate movement into your home life as well. Try sweeping or performing other chores while catching up on your favorite shows.

You Are Misusing Fitness Apps

Fitness apps are a great way to keep track of your calories and exercise. However, if you entered your basic information incorrectly, the app may suggest an inaccurate calorie goal. For example, many apps ask for your activity level. If you indicate you are very active, the app will suggest a higher calorie consumption goal than if you say you are sedentary.

Many individuals assume that if they work out five days a week, they are moderately active. However, this is only true if they spend a good portion of their day moving. If your job requires you to sit for extended periods, you lead a sedentary lifestyle despite your workouts.  Be sure to enter the correct information into fitness apps to produce an accurate calorie goal.

You Never Change Your Workouts

It does not take long for your body to adapt to exercise. If you use the same equipment or run the same route at the same speed, your results will plateau. As your muscles become more capable, it will take less energy to perform the same exercises. This is one major benefit of Functional Fitness over other forms of rote exercises. Functional Fitness relies on constant variation and high intensity performance. It keeps your muscles guessing so they never become complacent.

To learn more about Functional Fitness and how it can help you achieve your fitness goals, contact LoCoFit Leesburg today. We will help you master the proper form and technique of basic movements before gradually increasing your repertoire of exercises and intensity. We offer several programs to meet every fitness level so anyone can participate. If you are still not sure, schedule a free No Sweat Intro to learn more about what we have to offer.

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