Are You Making These Gym Etiquette Mistakes?

gym etiquette mistakes.

The start of a new year almost always means an influx of new fitness enthusiasts to gyms and boxes everywhere. Whether you are new to the box or have been attending functional fitness classes for years, there are several etiquette rules to keep in mind. Check this list to see if you’re making these gym etiquette mistakes.

  1. Keep the box clean. This does not just mean pick up your trash. You should always leave the box the way you found it—or, better yet, in superior condition. Put weights back by weight order in their appropriate place, return wall balls to their racks, restore foam rollers to their original location, and so on. You know how frustrating it is when equipment is not where it should be. Going on the hunt for a missing kettlebell disturbs the flow of workouts and classes and breaks your concentration. Do not be that person. Pick up after yourself.
  2. Stem the tide of germs. This is an extension of keeping the box clean, but it deserves special recognition. Always wipe down equipment after you use it. This is not just a matter of sweat; it is to stop the spread of germs and disease. Obviously, you should not come to the box if you are ill, but even healthy people need to clean off their equipment. You never know what germs you encountered throughout the day. An ounce of prevention can prevent a box-wide outbreak of illness.
  3. Check social media at the door. Our smartphones have become an extension of our collective arms. However, playing games or checking social media is a distraction from your workout. Not only that, but if you have the time to be on your phone, you are likely not giving your workout the appropriate focus. By all means, check in at the box after completing a killer workout, but do not spend your workout scrolling.
  4. Share the equipment. The New Year means a rise in box members intent on improving their fitness. However, this also means there will be a strain on available equipment. If you are performing supersets or need long breaks between sets, let someone else complete a set while you recover. This has the added bonus of motivating you to resume your set right after the other individual finishes his or her set. This can prevent you from taking excessive breaks and reap more benefits from your workout.
  5. Common courtesy. The following are several pieces of basic etiquette box members should abide by to ensure everyone enjoys the box and their workouts.
    1. Arrive on time. If you are more than 10 minutes late to a group class, it disturbs the flow of the workout.
    2. Stay dressed. Removing layers is fine; near nakedness is not.
    3. Focus on breathing over grunting. This does not mean you cannot make noise while performing a heavy lift, but, if loud noises are escaping your mouth unintentionally, you are likely lifting something too heavy. Focusing on your breathing can help you perform lifts better than shouting can.

LoCoFit Leesburg wants all of its members to enjoy their time at the box. Following the above gym etiquette guidelines helps us achieve that goal. If you are ever uncertain how to proceed, you can always ask one of our certified coaches. We are here to help you crush your fitness goals.

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